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Smooth iPad check-in

Whether your iPad is online or offline, Lobbipad provides a seamless and consistent check-in experience for everyone who walks through your door.

Lobbipad makes it easy for your organisation to professionally manage visitor flow by providing a fast and secure way for visitors to check in, even if the receptionist is out of the office or away from the desk.

Visitors simply walk up to a self-service iPad (securely mounted on a stand) and enter the appropriate information — such as their name, company, email address, and the name of the person or department they are visiting — and Lobbipad automatically takes care of the rest.

Instant host notification

As soon as a visitor has completed the Lobbipad check-in process, the designated host is instantly notified via text message (SMS), email or on MS Teams/Slack.

Instant Host Notification makes it easy to stay focused and productive throughout the workday, regardless of where your work may take you. Now, there’s no need to sit and wait by the phone for the receptionist to alert you that your visitor has arrived.

Lobbipad also sends a photo of your visitor so you know who they are and can provide a warm, personal greeting. And, your visitors are afforded peace of mind because they know that you are on your way to greet them.

Visitors and hosts alike love Lobbipad because it reduces anxiety and gets rid of awkward introductions for everyone.

Visitor badge

Visitors are also easily identified by Lobbipad’s customisable, personalised badges. After each visitor has completed the check-in process, Lobbipad securely transmits their information to a wireless printer and instantly generates a high-quality, temporary badge that visitors can wear for the duration of their visit.

These badges can include the visitor’s name, company, your organisation’s logo, and the name of the person or department serving as the visitor’s host.

No need to struggle with a dedicated workstation, complex printer configurations, cables, and expensive supplies: Lobbipad makes printing visitor badges easy and affordable.

Detailed visitor logs

Lobbipad takes care of the details so you can focus on what matters most.

Each visitor’s information is securely stored and archived so you can access it if and when you need it. Lobbipad’s smart, searchable interface makes it easy to analyse and view visitor trends and associated data.

Lobbipad’s visitor logs provide decision-makers with a comprehensive view of their organisation that provides useful information for strategic planning, security, staffing, and more.

On-site legal document signing

Whether it’s an informal greeting or a series of documents — such as visitor policies, confidentiality agreements, or emergency evacuation instructions — Lobbipad takes the guesswork out of compliance.

Lobbipad makes it easy to ensure that all visitors receive, review, and accept any information that your organisation must convey for regulatory, compliance, safety, or other reasons.

Now, there’s no need to waste time and money producing paper copies of these documents … and no chance that signed copies will be misplaced, lost, or destroyed by an errant teacup.

Lobbipad’s visitor logs provide proof of receipt and visitor acknowledgement of all documents, and your organisation can add, delete, or modify the documents that are presented to visitors at check-in at any time.


Lobbipad makes it easy for employees to pre-register their visitors online.

Using a customised link directed to a secure site personalised just for your organisation, employees can enter their visitors' contact information and arrival date/time so the reception can be prepared in advance.

Lobbipad also makes it easy for you to prepare your visitors before arrival with a customised confirmation email that can include useful information like directions, visitor parking maps, special needs accommodations, security or identity-verification requirements, guest Wi-Fi information and a QR code.

And, Lobbipad also makes it quick and easy for your organisation to manually pre-register visitors or mass import visitor lists any time prior to their arrival.


Lobbipad offers seamless integration with your existing business management and team communications software solutions by providing API access, as well as turnkey integrations with Active Directory, Okta, Mailchimp , Slack and MS Teams.

Additional integrations are also in the works for 2020.

QR code

Lobbipad allows pre-registered visitors to check in/out by using a QR code. This process of ‘touchless’ registration helps visitors to avoid touching the iPad screen (COVID-19).

Visitors that are pre-registered, will receive a QR code (sent by email). When the visitor arrives, he or she can check in by showing the QR code to the camera of the iPad (the camera will be running in the background of the main check-in screen). After checking out with the same QR code, the QR code will expire.

By using the QR code, it will take only 2 seconds to check in/out.